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It is a proven fact that the best way to exact the maximum value of any business is through the public marketplace.

No other method of funding offers the flexibility in maximizing company value by providing portability of investment combined with reasonable exit strategies for investors, not to mention the prestige associated with being a public company”.

Many think the “Going Public” process is too complex, time consuming, and expensive, but given the very negative lending environment many firms find it to be the only alternative left to 
finance expansion and growth.

And today it does not have to be that expensive, in particular when you factor in the value achieved by being a public company.

We will walk you through the processes below and review the various alternatives that are available to your firm.

Traditional Underwriting

Time: 9 to 18 months

Cost: $350,000 to $1,000,000. The company may need to surrender over 50 percent of shares before the transaction is completion.

Capital: Generally more funds can be raised

Problems: A broker-dealer underwriter will need to be involved. Delays and cancellation are frequent because share values may be changed by general market conditions.

Advantages: The offering is unique to the current business and there are no issues with current shareholders because of disclosure requirements mandated by the United Stated Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Reverse Merger By Acquiring An Existing "Public Shell"

Time:  2 weeks to 60 days

Cost:  $200,000 to $850,000

Capital:  No funds are raised but stock is now valued, tradable, and can be used as collateral for stockholder loans.

Problems:  Company may have past history creating "Closet Skeletons" with the acquired shell.  Controlling stockholders of the new company may receive restricted shares with a waiting period before they can sell.

Advantages:  A reverse merger with a public shell is the quickest way to become a public company.  Non-controlling shareholders will receive registered and trading shares.

Merge With A "Custom Designed" Public Company

 Time:  4 to 9 months

Cost:  $150,000 to $350,000

Capital:  Funds can be raised and the shares are valued and tradable in the marketplace.

Problems:  None

Advantages:  The public company can be "Custom Created" to the exact specifications of the operating company.  Stockholders of new operating company receive fully registered shares. The new company will have no "Closet Skeletons" in the company because there is no past history.  There will be financial expertise during the transaction and market maker support when the transaction is completed.  There will be a shareholder base that is friendly to the new company and the small cap market in general.

Direct Public Offering (DPO)

Time:  6 to 12 months

Cost:  $100,000 to $200,000

Capital:  Funds can be raised easily because shares are registered and tradable and provide an exit strategy for potential investors.

Problems: None

Advantages:  There will be no problems with past shareholders as a new friendly share base is acquired.  In many cases funds can be raised prior to the completion of the offering.


·        A Company Has Increased Valuation

·        A Company Has The Ability To Use Public Stock As Currency For Acquisitions And The Purchase Of Assets

·        A Company Has Increased Prestige In Marketplace And Within The Financial Community At Large.

·        A Company Can Reduce The Need For Expensive Venture Capital Funding And Reliance On Other Financing Sources In These
Difficult Time Where Alternative Funding May Be Difficult Or Possible To Obtain.

Dominion Business Systems, Inc. has been involved in the “Going Public” business for some time, having nurtured several companies successfully through the process.  Because of this we have established relationships with SEC approved attorneys and CPA’s, and FINRA approved broker-dealers and market makers.  We have chosen to foster these contacts outside the normal channels of operation for the specific purpose of reducing the cost of going public.  We avoid the New York City “price tags” in favor of using licensed professionals who are just as competent and approved by the same government agencies.

This reduces your cost of going public by as much as fifty (50) percent over the costs shown above.  In some cases, we can locate investors to provide interim funding while you complete the process.  If you desire to go the reverse merger route we can even finance the public shell.

Give Us A Call At 540-650-2100 Or Email Us At netsil01@businessexperts.com For More Information.

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