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Email: netsil01@businessexperts.com

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Vendors Driving You Nuts

Unable To Focus On Your Core Business

We Have The Answer

DBS Has 30 Years Of Successful Experience In Creditor Mediation And Pacification…..
Through Our Time Tested Methods We Slow Them Down And Give You 
The Valuable Time To Find Solutions

We Buy You Time By Negotiating Payment Plans And Discounts

Bank Negotiations As Well * (Below)

With Our Most Recent Client We Negotiated A Sixty-Six (66%) Percent Reduction In The Payoff Balance (From 3.3 million to 1.4 million)
We Are Good And Effective At What We Do And Hand You Back The Time To Run And Repair Your Business
We Specialize In All Industries Including Construction And Manufacturing

Lets Talk

Dominion Business Systems, Inc.
1114 Fairfax Pike, Suite 6
The Fulton Building
White Post, Virginia 22663

(Only Commercial And Business Accounts)

In more severe cases, we are experts in non-bankruptcy solutions and attempt to avoid the “traditional attorney driven” Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings that in 90 percent of cases lead to Chapter 7 liquidation and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars plus the time resources involved, which is tremendous. We have been approved by three federal bankruptcy courts to provide “creative” solutions to the federal process. We have workout attorneys on staff ready to provide unique solutions.

Here Are Some Of Our Successes

A Major Philadelphia Bank Settled A $1.8 Million Dollar Business Loan For $10,000.00

A Major North Carolina Bank Walked Away From A $375,000.00 Loan And Released All Personal Guarantees 

The Largest Commercial Credit Company In The Country Had Its Collateral Stripped Away On A $1.0 Million Loan

A Major Virginia Bank Had Its Collateral Stripped Away On A $675,000.00 Loan

Another Virginia Bank Didn’t Collect A Penny Of Principal Or Interest For Three Years On A $3.0 Million Loan While The Business Stayed In Operation And Onsite

A Large National Bank Settled A $3.3 Million Loan For $1.1 Million

A Major Federal Law Precedent Was Establish Because Of Our Work Resulting In Law Firms And Courts Hiring Us For Advice

Forced Several Large Banks, Credit Card Companies, And Credit Reporting Agencies To Reverse Negative Credit Reporting On Both Commercial And Personal Account

Dropped Out Of Class Action Suit That Wanted To Pay Our Client $15.00 For Major Damage To Their House Over Flawed Building Materials And Sued Personally, Over The Objection Of Three Attorneys, And Won Major Settlement From A Large National Company We All Know And Love

Legally Challenged Major Contractor And Forced Them To Abandon Plans To Develop 42 Acres

Regional Bank Settled A $130,000.00 Loan For $10,000.00

Stopped A Major Bank Foreclosure By Discovering Flaws In Their Loans Documents

Assisted A Construction Company In Northern Virginia Renegotiate His 2.3 Million Dollar Business Loan Down To 600K That Allowed A New Banking Relationship